CoinQuanta Brings Advanced Quantitative Intelligence to Every Crypto Investor
CoinQuanta: Advanced Quantitative Intelligence For All Crypto Investors

CoinQuanta is an advanced crypto quantitative intelligence platform, meant for retail and professional crypto investors. Developed by a former Hedge Fund veteran, it brings advanced quant features from Wall Street,

now available to everyone for free.

Bring sanity to the chaotic world of crypto investing with quantitative superpowers!

Proprietary Trend Score to find currently trending assets in real-time. No more FOMO.
Advanced Quantitative Metrics like Correlation, Sharpe Ratio, and more. Easily find lower-risk and uniquely trending assets.
Comparative Intelligence Features to instantly compare multiple assets VS. the entire market to find better investments. Fully Color-coded.
Real-time number crunching. Find trending assets or ask quantitative questions in the last few hours to 5 years.
Simple interface to bring all this power within one screen and a couple of clicks.
Hedge fund level expertise. Created by former Quant Dev at top hedge fund D.E.Shaw and ML Tech Lead at Google.
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The quantitative understanding and the impact on my own investing from CoinQuanta is mind-boggling. It saves me from so much complexity and time that I can't imagine ever looking at the crypto market without it.
- Adam Breyer, Personal Crypto Investor
Proprietary Trend Score Algorithm Detects Latest Trending Opportunities

⬥ The best way to avoid FOMO before it's too late!

⬥ CQ's Trend Score Algorithm blends recency, consistency, and less volatility to surface currently trending assets.

⬥ Go from hourly trends to yearly trends with one click. Perfect for short term trading or long term investing!

⬥ Completely different from Gain/Loss and a vastly better way to find opportunities.

Relative Intelligence: Compare Multiple Assets VS. The Entire Market

⬥ You can now compare your portfolio coins or any assets you're curious about with rest of the market with just one click!

⬥ This can be used to find relatively better investments across any time horizon for performance, trend, risk-reward, liquidity etc.

Relative Intelligence gives you a unique edge on how you study the market.

Advanced Hedge Fund Level Quant Metrics for Risk, Correlation and more

⬥ Crypto is inherently risky but CQ gives you a clear idea of risk via Volatility and Sharpe Ratio (risk adjusted returns)

⬥ Understand Correlation to Bitcoin so you can own uniquely trending assets too.

⬥ Many other thoughtful metrics like liquidity rank, multi-time horizon return chart and more.

⬥ Everything is presented in a relative perspective so you can understand the rank of each asset vs the rest, along with clear color coding.

Deep Dive Into Opportunities With Just One Click. No Tab Clutter!

Investigate any asset with just one click to get relative price charts & BTC comparisons across many metric.

⬥ Get pre-computed multi time-horizon metrics to instantly get a short term to long term overview.

⬥ Links to popular community links if you want to know what other folks are talking about.

⬥ You can deep dive into multiple assets at once, giving you a very unique way to look at the market.

Slice The Market in Powerful Ways to Focus on What you Want

⬥ CQ lets you zoom in and compare assets across any time horizon, different market caps, different volumes, exchanges and many other intelligent criteria.

⬥ You can even focus only on "Everything except Top 50" to find alternate opportunities beyond the usual assets.

⬥ This gives you complete control to try different investment styles and hypothesis and discover assets not possible otherwise.

Flexible Statistical Ranking To Surface The Best Opportunities

⬥ Find the most relevant opportunities in any market condition across any cross-section of the market.

⬥ CQ provides advanced ranking methods beyond Gain/Loss that let you rank by Trends & Momentum, Risk, Correlations or a combination of these factors.

An Intuitive Single-Page interface That's Powerful Yet Easy

⬥ Even with CQ's advanced quant driven platform, the interface is incredibly easy and intuitive.

⬥ Everything is one or two clicks away.

⬥ Built in Contextual Help and Education for every aspect. You don't need to be an expert to benefit from CQ.

Contextual Education For Every Quantitative Concept

⬥ You don't have to be a math or finance genius to benefit from CQ's powerful quantitative capabilities.

In-app contextual help is available for every concept and interface element, so you can learn and up-skill your capabilities while using the app!

⬥ Unique Concepts Drawer groups important concepts, metrics and feature elements in one place for easy reference!

If your investment size is a few thousand dollars or more, CoinQuanta can help boost your returns and help with finding lower risk yet trending opportunities. It's highly suited for investors or traders who care about being data-driven (vs. pure speculation) and are excited about using Quantitative Finance metrics to boost their understand at the asset level as well as the market level.

No math or advanced knowledge is required to benefit from Quantitative Finance.
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